Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions define the conditions for using the BDS platform.
BDS uses the technology of the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF), whose aim is to facilitate access, usage, dissemination and sharing of the contents and the digital resources (which can be downloaded in jpg format at web resolution) hosted on the platform.
Any transformation, sharing and use of the contents of the platform must comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Non-commercial use

The images, metadata and every other kind of content hosted on the platform may be used freely for non-commercial purposes, on condition that the source (BDS) is quoted correctly and the property of the Biblioteca comunale degli Intronati – Istituzione del Comune di Siena is mentioned.
Re-use and sharing for personal, study and research purposes is permitted.
All commercial uses and the transformation of contents and images are prohibited unless they have prior authorisation.

Commercial use

The images hosted on the platform are the property of the Library, which enjoys exclusive ownership of all rights, titles, interests and licences. Downloading, reproducing and using these images for commercial purposes is prohibited to those who have not obtained prior authorisation from the Library, which may be requested exclusively by writing to this address fotoriproduzione@biblioteca.comune.siena.it to apply for high-resolution digital reproductions and receive the explicit authorisation to use them that, save such circumstances for which specific provision is made by the law (Italian Legislative Decree n. 42/2004, Art. 108 and subsequent amendments), shall be subject to the payment of such concession fee as shall be established by the Library.
The digital reproductions thus obtained are intended for personal use only and may not be ceded to third parties, nor is the production of further copies, the redistribution or the resale of said reproductions permitted without the Library’s explicit consent. Any rights or authorisations conceded for the use of images shall be non-exclusive and may not be ceded or transferred to others, and all other uses, including derived uses, are prohibited. The concession of rights of reproduction and use does not imply any partial or total cession of the property in the images, which shall always remain vested in the Library.
Every image used shall be accompanied by a caption containing all the credits of attribution and quoting the Library as the authority where the originals are held. Should an image be used for a publication, the applicant shall provide the Library (Biblioteca comunale degli Intronati, via della Sapienza 1-5 – 53100 Siena) with two copies of the publication containing the image.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstances may the Library be held liable for any damages of any nature whatsoever as may be caused directly or indirectly by access to the platform, by the use of its interactive tools, by any inability or impossibility to access it or by the use of the news hosted therein. The Library shall not be held liable with regard to the websites that may be accessed via the links hosted on the said platform.

Responsibility of the user

The user accepts these Terms and Conditions and accepts all and any responsibility deriving from the use of the website. The user is responsible for all and any use of the website made by the user him/herself or by whomsoever may use his/her personal data.

Amendments to these Terms and Conditions

The Library reserves the right to amend the platform and these Terms and Conditions at any time, giving notice of any such amendments on the platform itself.